Aluminum Cables (upto 50 sq mm Core)

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Aluminum Cables are mostly used in urban areas where the conductivity required is high, supports are close and the spacing is short. Aluminum cables are made up of various strands of aluminum wires set according to the final usage. Aluminum Cables with flexible/stranded conductors are manufactured with the most rigid quality control to ensure total safety, prevention of shock hazards, less possibility of fires and complete assurance for a ideal system. Aluminum Cables are heavily utilized in coastal areas, as they have a high degree of corrosion resistance and also used as overhead conductors for distribution lines.

Aluminium Wire Manufacturers


These wires are ideal for any industrial/ Equipment / appliances application it is for this reason Aluminum Cables upto 50 sq mm Core are also manufactured here.


  • Current flow in the series
  • Genuine safe electricity
  • No chance for short-circuits
  • Excellent electrical conductivity
  • Maintenance free
  • Unique bunch copper