India’s Industrial Cable and Wire Manufacturers

Industrial cable

Wiring plays a crucial role in the electrification of any industry, and all industrial spaces must ensure that they have the correct type of wiring to ensure proper functionality and safety. Structured cabling solutions for industrial cables are a mandatory factor in ensuring high performance.

Industries need various types of wires to meet their specific demands. The various types of industrial cables are:

  • Multi-Core Cables
  • Low and High Voltage Cables
  • EHV Capable Cables
  • Extra High Voltage Cables.

Cable requirements for industry differ significantly from those for residential use. Since every process in the industrial sector is large-scale, the wires and cables that are used to meet the demands must be more robust and resistant. Paraflex is a leading industrial cable and wire manufacturer and supplier that uses only the best and purest raw materials for manufacturing their products.

Industrial Cables are Unique from Regular Cables

All industrial wires should be manufactured under eco-friendly and safe conditions. The industrial wires must be reliable, resistant, and fire-retardant. Along with these features, it is also essential to make them lead-free and halogen-free. HT Power cables or high voltage cables for carrying current are India’s most needed industrial cables and wires. Parflex is one of India’s most reliable manufacturers of Industrial cables with premium quality copper and aluminium conductors.

Paraflex manufactures various industrial wires and cables for use in various industries. Industrial wires need some unique features to qualify for the benchmarks of the industries. Industrial wires must be based on online wire drawing and annealing. It should have high-speed extruders with a current carrying speed of up to 500 meters per minute. Also, industrial wires turn out the best when they feature automatic online critical diameter control. Paraflex produces the best quality ZFR-insulated industrial wire.

Why is Paraflex the Best Destination for Industrial Cables? 

For industrial cables in India, Paraflex is a premier brand. We manufacture high-quality industrial cables to meet the demands of various industries. Our wide range of Industrial and business wires and cable supplies will cater to your needs. One of India’s top manufacturers of industrial cable is Paraflex. We provide a one-stop shop for all of your industrial wire requirements.We deliver the best quality products at competitive prices. Each of our products is manufactured in the most eco-friendly way and will enhance your savings.

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