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Copper Cables manufacturers

Using copper cables at home is one of the best choices. It is the best for safety purposes and functionality. Almost every electronic good and appliance is made by using copper wires. Of all the materials used for building wires, copper is the best. Fiber optic cables have become extensively popular recently, but they are similar to the popularity of copper wires.

Why Should You Use Copper Wires?

Thinking of using copper wires for your home? Here are some of the critical benefits of using copper wire for the home:

High Conductance

Among all the electricity-conducting materials, copper has the highest conductance. Silver is the only material that has a conductivity power greater than copper. So, electricity can pass with great ease through copper wires. India’s best electricity wire manufacturers create better-performing and longer copper wires to help households experience the best. Copper wire ensures a smooth and unhindered electricity supply to the electrical appliances.

Thermal Resistance

Fire breakouts due to electrical circuit malfunctioning are among the most common accidents in Indian households. This can be drastically reduced through copper electrical wires because they are thermal resistant. Copper wires are resistant to heat, and this resistance property makes them the best conducting wires at home. Copper wires are comparatively inexpensive than other ordinary electricity-conducting materials, ductile, and thermally resistant. The unique properties make it the best universally accepted electricity-conducting wire.


Another reason copper is widely used for constructing electrical wires is its flexibility. You can bend and flex copper better than any other available material. Electrical wires must pass through many spaces – through the walls or floors. It is essential that the material can bend well. Copper wires are better pliable, and their strength and power do not get deformed even on bending to higher degrees. What can be a better property for any electricity-conducting material?

Paraflex – Copper Wires

Paraflex is one of the leading house wire manufacturers providing copper wires for homes. Every home deserves safety, security, and only the best regarding electrical supply and wiring. Electricity is one of the most fundamental needs of any residential and commercial space. Nothing can be better than the best quality copper wires to ensure a safe electrical supply to homes. Paraflex manufactures and supplies premium quality copper wires at the most affordable prices. With the best-built quality and the highest shelf life, Paraflex copper wires are your friend for life.

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